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Statistical data shows that though brahmins, banias form a small proportion of the indian population, they hold far more government jobs, are far more wealthier. While people from outside india are duped that brahmins are holding top positions because they are more educated the reality is that brahmin, bania officials are extremely ruthless in SLANDERING, CRIMINALLY DEFAMING hardworking professionals, investors from poorer communities with the help of corrupt dishonest officials like greedy goan bhandari CHEATER chodankar, to ruin the reputation so that the ruthless rich and powerful can steal the resumes, get lucrative jobs in raw/cbi

The mainstream media in india is largely controlled by the rich and powerful communities, so most professionals from poorer communities like the bhandari community are not aware that the rich are so vicious in slandering them, making completely fake allegations without any kind of proof. The problem is worst in small towns like panaji, goa where the greedy goan bhandari officials like cheater chodankar are vicious in destroying the reputation of bhandari engineers with good JEE so that they can get lucrative raw jobs for relatives and bribes from the rich and powerful
The extremely dishonest greedy liar goan bhandari officials and leaders like cheater chodankar, naik were aware that their relative scammer sunaina chodan, her sisters, cousin tejas, did not even have a computer at home, yet being extremely vicious fraudsters, liars, they ran the domain ownership, online fraud for the last 10 years without being questioned. To cover up the domain ownership fraud, the greedy goan officials spread falsely rumors that the domains of the single woman belonged to her btech 1993 ee classmates, when these classmates actually HATED the single woman and had never helped her in any way at all.
The domain investor, engineer has learned the hard way that the rich and powerful communities are extremely ruthless in slandering professionals from the poor, powerless communities, making fake allegations against the domain investor without any proof to dupe people, companies and countries, is their favorite activity and a large number of people, countries are duped. The ruthless rich, powerful are aware that hardworking bhandari professionals like the goa 1989 jee topper do not have anyone to help or defend them, the goan bhandari officials like cheater chodankar will take massive BRIBES and join the ruthless rich in slandering the goa 1989 jee topper
People from poorer communities are often told
Then these fraud government officials and their mediocre friends will then waste infinite tax payer money for years, more than $18000 monthly for 12 years, to ensure that the obc engineer does not earn a fair living, putting her under surveillance, diverting stealing her correspondence, emails, phone calls, smses, postal mail, blocking payment, spreading malicious false rumors about the innocent obc engineer, stalking her, taking photos , circulating photos.
Filing repeated RTI requests does not help end the problem as the officials are also duped by the officials promoting sex bribe givers, cheater housewives, blackmailers and well connected brahmin cheaters, the victim of resume theft will get vague or evasive replies. The officials who spread the false rumors, steal the retirement savings of a harmless innocent obc engineer, can conveniently remain anonymous. When a well connected fraud has a lucrative government job with a stolen resume, it becomes very difficult for the obc engineer whose impressive resume has been stolen to expose the fraud of the good looking well connected cheater who has the government job as the fraud can now waste infinite indian tax payer money to cover up her impersonation fraud.
Due to the high levels of corruption, nepotism and casteism in Indian society today, these fraud women and the officials promoting them after resume theft, get away with their fraud. Though the government agencies refuse to admit that resume theft is incorrect, the resume theft of the domain investor, goa 1989 jee topper by indian government employees has become famous, and people who she does not know have commented on the resume theft, government SLAVERY on both quora and reddit in 2016. However, the government refuses to end the resume theft, so the engineer, domain investor continues to waste her time and money daily exposing the resume theft, government SLAVERY, so that people, companies and countries are not DUPED by the liar government employees

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